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Chris Colby Pro offers many educational resources including mini-courses to help you gain skills that will help you succeed in your career and advance further toward your goals with the right tools.

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    In addition to the mini courses and full training program, Antidote One also offers a free webinar as well as live virtual events several times a year. Get the right tools and knowledge, get your questions answered and get your career on track.

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    The Foundation for Your Career Success

    This training program was created to help anyone from any walk of life achieve success. You need someone in your corner who can take the time to help determine what is preventing you from achieving real success. Chris Colby Pro offers an online training course designed to walk you through the fundamentals and tools you really need to advance your architecture career.

    The Right Mindset is Everything

    The Antidote to Outdated Approaches to Success

    Chris Colby Pro offers one-on-one education, coaching and mentoring to help architects first define and then plan and achieve their goals.

    Overcoming Struggles in Your Career

    Not happy with the architectural career space you find yourself in and generally feeling it isn’t the right fit? Chris Colby Pro has the answers you need to help you isolate the steps to figuring how to grow your career in the architectural industry.

    Advancing Your Career With Practical Tools

    Chris Colby Pro's purpose is to assist architects and architecture firm owners to accomplish more and get practical guidance from professionals with real-world experience in order to actualize their full potential in business, achieve prosperity and excel in the industry.

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    Mini Course: Increasing Your Architectural Fees

    Learn the fundamentals to negotiate higher architectural fees and prevent your competition from stealing projects from you by reducing their fees.

    Topics Covered Include:

    • Removing Emotion from the Pricing Equation
    • Adding Value for the Client
    • Handling Pricing Objections
    • And More!

    Get the mini course for only $20!

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    Mini Course - Increasing Your Architectural Fees

    Raise Your Rates Without Losing Out to Competitors

    This mini-course will teach you effective and practical strategies to increasing your fees while adding value to your services and product. If you've struggled with charging what you know your skills are worth, this course is for you!

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    Targeted Courses to Prosper in Architecture

    Starting a Firm

    The basics of getting your firm off the ground.

    Effective Communication

    Learn how to communicate in difficult situations and make things go right.

    Studying for the A.R.E.

    How to set yourself up to successfully get licensed.

    Marketing for Architects

    Understand how to be the firm that has a stable pipeline of clients.