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Antidote One is just that. The antidote to old-school, outdated ways of thinking and acting when it comes to achieving success. Succeed in work, life and entrepreneurship with tools and training that actually give you the edge you need.

Your Path in Life

Have you struggled to find a path in life? To understand the career choice you made and why you even chose it? Have you found yourself lately not knowing what direction to go and unable to pick the right direction for your life? Chris Colby built Antidote One to help people realize their true purpose and potential and live a life of prosperity and fulfillment.

The Foundation for Your Success

This system was created to help anyone from any walk of life achieve success. You need someone in your corner who can take the time to help determine what is preventing you from going forward. Antidote One is an online training course designed to walk you through the fundamentals of changing the direction of your life.

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